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Wheatgrass Report!

So back in August.  I got back on the wheatgrass wagon.  Instead of doing a 2 week study as previous.   I decided to do 90 day challenge.

So Nov. 6th came and went and no report whats the deal right?    Sorry.   I was really excited to report but i had to delay because

of Kabonnagreen+.   I will explain in this blog.

So if you are not familiar with my challenge check it out here.   90 days of wheatgrass everyday to see the results!


1.   Very nice skin.  I usually have pretty clear skin but i experienced an improvement in having more even skin tone.   I am a red-head so my skin can get rosy and not be even.  I still had plenty of color to my face but more even and well-balanced.    And i have i think my skin looks like pretty good for 30-year-old status.  🙂  Wheatgrass helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines.   Keep the skin young!

2.  Awesome Immune System. This one was the best!  I have not gotten sick once!   That is right i normally always get sick every October.  This is the first year i have not gotten a cold.    The only thing i have done different is taken wheatgrass daily.   So this one is huge.  It has really helped my immune system!

3.  Kabonnagreen+ Okay this one was not intended exactly.  But i did get pregnant while on the juice!   Not giving it all the credit but kinda curious if it did help in the matter.   Wheatgrass has been known to restore and boost fertility in animals.. so why not humans too right. Anywho yeah just a thought.

I wanted to share my results sooner.  But i was had such bad morning sickness ( all day sickness).  That my post would of not made sense for my friends who read my blog.  They would have been like what are you talking you have been sick for weeks?  Also interesting note on this.   I still was able to drink my wheatgrass even through my nausea that did not make me lose it.   So the power of wheatgrass continued through thick and thin.

The furture of Kabonnagreen and Wheatgrass

I look forward to continuing my wheatgrass consumption.   Staying looking good and healthy are high on my list.  Plus now that i am Kabonnagreen+ what a better gift for my little (+) then a daily dose of wheatgrass.   Happy to start my little (+) out from day one with wheatgrass.

Crazy to think that its possible my kid could be a great experiment for wheatgrass.   I hope  by consuming wheat grass during pregnancy, and then breast-feeding that my baby will develop a love and taste for the greens!  We shall see.  The experiment continues :).


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